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About Clay

Hi there, my name is Clay Sinclair, creator of this website and the content within. 

My life in brief

Born & bred in New Zealand with an artist as a father.  Therefore avoided art, played in bands then came to the UK in 1996 on a working holiday. 

Met Milly, married her, got stuck in the UK and got depressed. Not because of her but due to my job as a civil engineer.


Became an artist, advanced from selling off the railings of Hyde Park to International Art Fairs and prestigious London galleries.


Moved to Stroud, opened a gallery, started a revolution

Closed the gallery in 2020 with the intention of focusing on my art, made a music video instead.

2021 started a new series of raw art pieces called "Pop Expressionism"

2022 March    The Other Art Fair, Art Saatchi,  London

2022 October  The Other Art Fair, Art Saatchi,  London

Clay 2020.jpg
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